What is BodyTalk?

As the name suggests BodyTalk is communication with the body – partly between you and your body and partly within the body between its trillions of cells.

We are created to communicate with our body, understand its signals (symptoms) and help it heal the cause of the symptoms. Unfortunately, most human beings are no longer capable of doing that. We have put a lit on our intuition with modern lifestyle, stress, performance anxiety, information technology etc. As BodyTalker I facilitate the possibility of reestablishing the connection between the client and his/her body, speeding up the healing of physical and mental conditions. BodyTalk provides mental clarity and physical strength.

Must I have a specific illness to benefit from BodyTalk?

In my clinic I see clients with conditions ranging from ingrown toenails to cancer in stage 4, people with mental challenges or somone who is looking for a path towards a more harmonious life.

Is BodyTalk also for children?

Absoluty! Children are easily BodyTalked as they, opposed to adults, are not governed by fixed belief systems and convictions.

I see children with both physical and mental conditions. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of the parents understanding that they form their children’s most important environmental influence, and therefore should be taking part in the process.

How many sessions are necessary?

In many cases one session is enough. If more sessions have priority the body will show me when that should ideally take place. Naturally, it is entirely up to the client if he/she wants to address further issues. Most people enjoy BodyTalk so much that they come for regular sessions to maintain the body in a good physical balance and to keep personal development going.

It’s an awesome feeling to see happy clients leave my clinic full of new energy.

What happens during a BodyTalk session?

When the client has told me about his/her symptoms and wishes for the session he/she lies down on my treatment table – fully dressed. The session lasts approximately one hour, is non-invasive and very comfortable.

I explain the issues that come up during the session, and I teach every client to tap out their cortices – an amazing tool to initiate mental and physical healing, a great means of prevention, your very own first aid kit and a lovely way to fall asleep at night or to wake up in the morning. It takes only three minutes to do it, and most of my clients tap out their cortices every day. It becomes their BodyMind’s best friend.

While tapping out your cortices comunication between the cells of your body is reestablished, blown ‘fuses’ are reset or changed and the left and right brain hemispheres are balanced. The technique recharges your brain – and that makes you feel grounded and at ease.

Most clients feel relaxed, calm and very clear-minded after a BodyTalk session.

What about lifestyle diseases?

Modern life is excitingly full of possibilities and potential growth, but it is also overwhelmingly busy, demanding and exhausting. How do we reach a balance between these two extremes without burning the candle at both ends? Without just existing in life instead of living it? How do we concentrate on what really matters without feeling guitly? This is where BodyTalk works wonders by enabling the BodyMind to focus and the body to fight the cause of the symptoms called lifestyle diseases; fibromyalgia, stress, diabetes, cancer, depression, immune system disorders, anxiety etc.

Do you work with animals?

Yes, BodyTalk is also for animals – whether it’s a health or behavioural issue or a wish for a deeper understanding and thereby a better realtionship between you and your animal. Linking awareness with an animal is an amazing experience that any animal person should have.

Especially pets take on a lot of responsibility for their people’s actions, and mirror our belief systems and behavioural patterns, because they observe us so very intensively. That’s why pets have more diseases than their wildlife family members.

Is BodyTalk alternative medicine?

I believe that medicine carrying a name that we cannot pronounce and leaflets that we don’t understand, should be the alternative. However, BodyTalk is not alternative medicine. It’s a complementary treatment that is well integrated with both conventional medicine and other forms of treatment.

BodyTalk is energy medicine – a consciousness based healthcare system that takes into consideration the big picture. Even the finest subtle sense can be a zip drive holding important information that no one has even thought about – and that can be the key to healing. The smallest cell has its own consciousness that can be imbalanced and needs to be re-evaluated enabling it to do what it is supposed to – and that can make the big wheel turn and healing occur.

Do you want to discover the miracles your own body can make for you, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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